Hi, trying to ensure IO post as many updates as I can when working at Hotels and Wedding Venue's to advise you what the set up is like, the staff, the food, how my night went etc. Anyway to start of with AA Decorative Events delivered chair ccovers the day before the wedding. The customer opted for the D.I.Y. option and hired the chair covers for the wedding ceromony and later these were transferred into the main room, along with centrepieces. Moving onto myself - Alex who pprovided the disco for the wedding reception and the mood-lighting hire also known as up lighting. The Bride was after a gold theme, but gold is a difficult colour to replicate in an L.E.D. light, therefore I opted to try out an Amber / Gold filter and set the lighting to white. These actually looked really effective at the room "Baird Suite Room 1" at Cranage Hall Hotel. I have included some pictures for you to see the difference it makes to the room, even the staff commented how these lights can change a room surroundings and feel. The package price the customer opted for was 6 hours DJ time from 7:00pm till 1:00am and the mood lighting hire was discounted as part opf the package. The bride Jo loved the room and the centrepiece's for her wedding and commented on the disco, which is all good for me!. The disco started just before 7:00pm and the first dance I announced at 8:45pm, the bride and groom chose Benieth your beautiful which is sang by Labrinth and Emile Sande - lovely song..... Followed by a couple of my favourates such as I gotta feeling by the Black Eyed Peas & Olly Murs which worked well with the audience I was catering for. I did not have any song requests before the night, just the first dance, but took on board requests throughout the night. If anyone wants to see a list of songs I lay at my Weddings, happy to take a text print from Virtual DJ which is the main software program I use. I brought my up-graded sound system and lighting for the Wedding as the room was large enough for 150 guests, and my P.A. system was ample enough without being too loud, with my powered top speakers and subs to complement. Another successful night DJing - By midnight a lot of guests started to leave, which is understandable as they have been there all day!. The food was good, they opted for a Hog Roast, which I was offered to sample - very good grub!. The hotel staff were friendly enough, helped assist me with an extension lead, due to in the room I was playing they have a sound limiter, which will cut your music off if played to loud, but you can bypass if plugged into a different ring circuit! - Bizarre as the hotel is not in a built up area, but can appreciate any guests who may be staying want to try and get some sleep..... Mr & Mrs Peters thanked me for being the Wedding DJ and had a fantastic night (albeit a bit tipsy towards the end, but I got everybody dancing and ended on a high with all the guests up off there chairs with the bride and groom in the middle to Take That - Never Forget. Cranage Hall Cheshire is a lovely venue to have your wedding and if you need a DJ for your Wedding, give me a call on 07912 965107