From time to time we will advertise special promotional deals, which are for new customers only, and subject to availability, we reserve the right to remove any special offers at short notice unless you have received a written quote which has a validated expiry date, we can withdraw the pricing and or offer without notification.

Please ensure you read through our terms and conditions within this page. Once you have agreed to hire the goods and an agreement is drawn up, you are bound to these terms and conditions

Upon receipt of a quote from AA Decorative Events, we strongly recommend that you ensure you read the attached PDF. Terms and Conditions Agreement.
Upon Receipt of your Deposit Payment, you are electronically agreeing to our Published T&Cs
Should you cancel at a later date we can charge you up to 50% of the Hire Price from the original Contract Booking.

CONTRACT  FOR  HIRE – All Event Hire Products from AA Decorative Events

 This agreement is made on: (Date of Contract Booking sent and Deposit Payment Received)

 And is made between: AA Decorative Events and the client


This document is issued by AA Decorative Events Group to describe the terms and conditions of hire of equipment / products for all events and other performances.

This document covers all material products hired from AA Decorative Events, and laying down the contractual agreement between AA Decorative Events and the Hirer. Please note that all other documentation, such as quotations will include short interpretations and/or parts of these terms. In all cases this document is the definitive Terms & Conditions of the hire document and will take precedence over any other terms stated or implied elsewhere.


Below is the full PDF version of our T&Cs

Please note, that you need to contact us straight away should you have a complaint with any of our hire products. We will send an engineer to the site to rectify and resolve any non-functioning products. Please bear in mind with LED Dance-Floors, we do not allow bands or DJs to set up on our floors and any short-circuit due to this is your responsibilty. All are products are left in good working order.

 Please read the below Terms & Conditions, once you have agreed to the contract and paid your deposit, you accept our T&Cs

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